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The construction company MURAX has the excellent position on the Slovak market. Further, we strengthen our position by high-quality and professional performance with a fair approach to our customers. Our big plus is a high technical professionalism and the ability to realize customer´s requirements precisely on the agreed date. The main scope of our construction company is the realization of constructions of all kinds according the requirements of the client, from the reconstructions (flats, simple flats, houses, offices, …), demolitions (demolitions of buildings, old buildings, family houses, stone fences), structural modifications (paving, plasterboards, ceilings, painting, roofs, heat insulations), up to complex realizations of buildings (engineering, industrial, residential, civil constructions).


We ensure also consulting services in the field of construction.


Our priority is to your satisfaction and high quality of the finished project according your vision.


We look forward to the future cooperation.

Team of the company MURAX                                                                                                                                                                                 


Demolition services

Demolition of buildings, old buildings, family houses or stone fences. Together with this, we provide also the garbage removal and disposal.

Reconstruction services

Complex reconstruction services aimed at flats, houses and offices. Finishing of flats, houses, offices and restaurants.

Realization of buildings

Realization of engineering, industrial, flat and civil buildings, consulting services in the construction field.

Modifications of buildings

Paving, plasterboards, ceilings, painting, roofs and heat insulations.